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    Spurgeonism And The Strict And Particular Baptists

    Dear Sir,—For some time I have felt the need of a few straight and honest words on this subject, for the instruction both of brethren who are not sentimentally with us; and also of some of the members of our own Churches. The principles which distinguish us as a section of the Baptist denomination seem to be but little known. Our own friends manifest far less determination than they used, in contending for the faith—while hardly a month passes, but I am entreated to advance the interests of brethren holding the late Mr. Spurgeon's creed, by introducing them to some of our vacant pulpits, as if their views and ours were all but identical and our differences were most immaterial and unimportant.

  • Jared Smith On Various Issues


    “Strict” The label refers to the doctrine of Close(d) Communion.  1. Churches which open the Lord’s Table to all who profess faith in Christ are called Open Communionists. Technically, however, they also observe a restricted Table since they make as a prerequisite one's profession of faith in Christ.  2. Churches which put further restrictions on the Table are called Close(d) Communionists.  (1) Close Communionists welcome to the Table those who profess faith in Christ and have been baptized; or, those who profess faith Christ, have been baptized and members of churches belonging to the same faith and order.  (2) Closed Communionists welcome to the Table those who are in membership with that particular local church.  Although I believe Closed Communion to be aligned with scripture,…

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    A Declaration Of Faith

    The church of God should continually "contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 3), and in these darkening and disastrous days, our testimony should not be like muffled bells, but clear and distinct. "The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle" (Ps 78:9). Was it cowardice, or expediency, or a fatal love of ease? We cannot but remember the words, "Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men" (Ps12:1). "Faithful," that is, men of truth; "Amen men," as Luther called them. Openness, as opposed to reticency, straightforwardness, thoroughness and steadfastness are qualities absolutely needed now; courage is required to call things by their…

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    17 Infant Baptism

    The baptism of unconverted children and unconscious infants has become common through the Christian world. The Romish Church, the Greek Church, and most of the Protestant churches practise it. Yet Baptists condemn it as unscriptural, unreasonable and pernicious. They believe that repentance and faith should always precede baptism. Without these baptism has no significancy, and serves no religious purpose. Whenever these gracious exercises have been experienced, whether in young or old, the subject may be admitted to the holy ordinance of baptism. But never till he has believed. Infants incapable of faith are, therefore, unfit for baptism. Manifest Propositions. Baptists make and defend the following propositions respecting this practice: Prop. 1.—That there is in the New Testament neither precept nor example found to authorize or…

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    Article 27 – Obligations Of Church Members

    Articles Of The Faith And Order Of A Primitive Or Strict And Particular Baptist Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ, Based On The Declaration Of Faith And Practice Of John Gill, D. D., 1720 XXVII. Obligations of Church Members. We believe that the members of a Church are solemnly bound to lead godly and consistent lives[1] to attend all meetings when practicable[2] to be courteous, conciliatory, and forgiving to all the rest[3] to contribute to the funds of their own church,[14] and to aid other churches, and the needy members of the one family of God in all places[5] as the Lord enables them.[6] ------------------------------- [1] Acts 19:36; Rom 12:1,2; 1 Thess 4:11; 1 Tim 2:3; Tit 1:13; 2:12; 1 Pet 4:15 [2] Heb 10:25…

  • William Styles, A Guide To Church Fellowship (Complete)

    Article 26 – Lapsed Membership

    Articles Of The Faith And Order Of A Primitive Or Strict And Particular Baptist Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ, Based On The Declaration Of Faith And Practice Of John Gill, D. D., 1720 XXVI. Lapsed Membership. We believe that Christians who have suffered their Church membership to lapse, and that such as have been withdrawn from, (whether for non-attendance, immorality, or holding unscriptural doctrines,) have no Church standing; but, if they so desire, must be received by an oral and public confession of faith and experience, in the same way as when they first connected themselves with the Lord’s people,—their Baptism, (as in Article xxiii) being recognised as valid. Js 5:19,20—From this we learn that a reputed Christian who has “erred from (the profession…