Of Different Other Persons Who Were Slain For The Name Of Christ About A. D. 100

According to ancient history there were also slain for the testimony of the Son of God; In France, Lucianus, bishop of the church of Bellovaco; Maximianus and Julianus, elders; Nicasius, bishop of the church of Rouen; Quirinus, an elder; Scubiculus, a deacon; Pascientia, a virgin. In Italy, Romulus, bishop of the church of Fesula, and others, in different places.—Gys. Hist. Mart., jol. 14, col. A.

It is further recorded, that Marsilius Glabrio also had to suffer for the name of Christ and the true faith.

At this time (it is stated in the Introduction to the Martyrs’ Mirror to the Defenseless Christians fol. 36, col. 2,) “The Christians were so little esteemed, that they were called cobblers, as may be seen from a heathen author, according to Baronius.”


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