William Gadsby's Fragments (Complete)

There Is The Sign

The late Mr. Hatton related the following, stating that the circumstance was well known to him: Many years ago the late Mr. Gadsby was going into the country to preach, and, as was his wont in his younger days, was walking; when he was joined by a “simple faith” professor: Religion soon became the subject of conversation. Mr. G. maintained that true faith was not man’s work but the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of his people, and that without this there can be no real satisfaction for a quickened soul, hungering and thirsting after an assurance of his salvation; while his companion maintained that it was the duty of every man to believe. “There is the Word,” said he, “and we ought to take it, and take comfort from it.” After walking some miles, they came to a roadside house, swinging over the door of which was a sign: “Refreshments may be had here.” “I am very tired,” said the stranger. “Let us go in here and have some refreshment.” “O no;” said Mr. G. “There is the sign (the Word). Let us read it and pass on; for, according to your doctrine, that is sufficient.”