William Gadsby, Perfect Law Of Liberty (Complete)

6 To Make A Few Remarks Upon Continuing In This Perfect Law Of Liberty

On this head I shall be very brief. The apostle Paul seems to have the same things in view, when he says, “As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.” (Col 2:6) If ye received him as the Lord your righteousness and strength, your God, your life, your light, your wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, portion, and your all in all, walk in him as such. If ye have looked unto him and have been lightened, and your faces were not ashamed, continue to look unto him; he is still the same, and ye as much need him now as ever; for without him ye can do nothing. All your fruit is in him; and except ye abide in him by faith and love, ye cannot bring forth fruit. If the gospel ever appeared glorious, (and I am sure it has done to all who have looked into it,) it is glorious still, and will bear looking into again and again, for it is an immortal field of immortal glory and delights. Nor need ye for a moment suppose ye have a perfect knowledge of its divine excellences. No, beloved; its beauties we can never fully comprehend till we get to our house above: therefore, be sober, and hope to the end.

This blessed gospel is a divine chest, which contains all the Christian’s treasure, and its riches are durable riches and glory. “Where the treasure is, there will the heart be also.” As ye prize your liberty and privileges, may you continue to look into the perfect law of liberty, and be earnest with God, at a throne of grace, that he would grant you fresh discoveries of the real excellences of the truth; for, just in proportion as your mind is drawn aside from the gospel, and you are left to look elsewhere, so you will be brought into bondage and distress: and despite all that men or devils say, just in proportion as the Holy Ghost enables you to look into the perfect law of liberty, so you will find a holy joy in believing, and a solid rest to your mind. Therefore, continue steadfast in the faith, looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith, and ye shall be neither barren nor unfruitful. As heirs of God, anticipate your inheritance, and daily examine the contents of your Father’s will. God grant that it may be our happiness to be much in the gospel and to daily enjoy its contents.

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