“And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant.”—Exodus 2:24

This is a precious scripture. My soul, put a note upon it. No sigh, no groan, no tear of God’s people can pass unobserved. He putteth the tears of his people in his bottle. Surely then he can never overlook what gives vent to those tears, the sorrows of the soul. Our spiritual afflictions Jesus knows, and numbers all. How sweet the thought! the Spirit maketh intercession for the saints with the groanings which they cannot utter. And do, my soul, observe the cause of deliverance. Not our sighs, nor our groanings, nor our brokenness of heart; not these, for what benefit can these render to an holy God? But God hath respect in all to his own everlasting covenant. Yes, Jesus is the all in all of the covenant. God the Father hath respect to him. For his sake, for his righteousness, for his atoning blood, the groanings of his people find audience at the mercy-seat and redress. And God hath respect to his own word, his oath, his promises to his dear Son. Oh blessed assurance—Oh precious security! How shall any poor groaning child of God go unheard, unpardoned, unrelieved, who hath double security in the glory of God the Father’s sovereign grace, and covenant word and oath to depend upon; and the everlasting covenant righteousness, and atoning blood of God the Son, to he found in? Here, my soul, rest, for ever rest, thy sure claim to grace and glory.


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