“Christ is all, and in all.”—Colossians 3:11

Hail, thou great, thou glorious, thou universal Lord. To thee, blessed Jesus, every knee shall bow. Thou art all in all in creation, redemption, providence, grace, glory. Thou art all in all in thy church, and in the hearts of thy people: in all their joys, all their happiness, all their exercises, all their privileges. Thou art the all in all in thy word, ordinances, means of grace, the sum and substance of the whole bible. Speak we of promises?—Thou art the first promise in the sacred word, and the whole of every promise that follows- for all in thee are yea and amen. Speak we of the law? “Thou art the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.” Speak we of sacrifices? “By thy one sacrifice thou hast for ever perfected them that are sanctified.” Speak we of the prophecies?—”To thee give all the prophets witness, that whosoever believeth in thee shall receive remission of sins.” Yes, blessed, blessed Jesus, thou art the all in all. Be thou to me, Lord, the all in all I need in time, and then surely thou wilt be my all in all to all eternity.


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