“But him they saw not.”—Luke 24:24

Mark, my soul, what is here said. Though Jesus sought out his disciples in the morning of his resurrection, and was found of them that sought him not; yet many saw him not, while he was thus gracious to many that looked not for him. So is it now. Many, like those women, have seen the sepulchre, as it were, of Jesus, heard his word; nay, many saw his body when on earth, yet saw not God in Christ in him. “The grace of God,” saith the apostle, “hath appeared unto all, men;” that is, the gospel grace is preached in common before believers and unbelievers; but believers only see Jesus as the wisdom and the power of God for salvation; of others it may be said, as here, “but him they see not.” Oh precious Jesus, give me to see thee as the Sent and Sealed of the Father, that my soul may have such a saving sight and knowledge of thee as the apostle had, which flesh and blood cannot reveal, but the Father only which is in heaven. Oh heavenly Father! give me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of thy dear Son; and do by me as by Paul, reveal thy Son in me.


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