Is his attention to and concern for the promotion of the welfare of his creatures, 1 Pet. 5:7. 1. That God does manifest this care is evident from the blessings we enjoy, the ordinances he has instituted, the promises he has given, and the provision he has made, Ps. 84:11. Matt. 7:12.–2. This care is entirely free, and unmerited on our part. Gen. 32:10. Deut. 7:6. Rom. 3:23.–3. It is every way extensive, reaching to all his creatures and to all cases. Ps. 145.—4. It is superior to all human care and attention. He cares for us when others cannot; when others will not care for us; or when we cannot or will not care for ourselves. Ps. 143:4,5. Jer. 49:11. Ps. 41:3.—5. It is not only great, but perpetual. Through all the scenes of live, in death, and for ever. Heb. 13:5. John 17:9.


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