Benjamin Keach on the Everlasting Covenant (Complete)

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The Everlasting Covenant, A Sweet Cordial For A Drooping Soul, Or, The Excellent Nature Of The Covenant Of Grace Opened

Psalm 89:33: “My Covenant I will not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my Lips.”

In A Sermon Preached January the 29th, At Abingdon, In The County Of Berks,

At The Funeral Of Mr. Henry Forty, Late Pastor Of A Church Of Christ, Who Departed This Life Jan. 25th 1692, And Was Interred At Southwark

Wherein The Arguments Urged To Prove The Covenant Of Redemption A Distinct Covenant From The Covenant Of Grace, Are Examined, Weighed, And Found Wanting

To which Is Added, An Elegy On The Death Of The Said Minister

By Benjamin Keach (1640-1704), Pastor Of A Church Of Christ, Meeting At Horsly-down, Southwark, 1693

Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) was a Particular Baptist pastor and prolific writer. He was converted to Christ in his youth and in 1659 began to preach the gospel under the auspices of a free will Baptist church in Buckinghamshire. In 1664, he was arrested on charges of publishing a schismatical catechism for children. He was sentenced to two weeks’ imprisonment, fined twenty pounds and pilloried for several hours in Aylesbury and Winslow. In 1668, he moved to London and was appointed the Pastor at the Horsleydown congregation in Southwark. Having now come into contact with several Particular Baptist ministers, he began to nurture Calvinistic views of the gospel, becoming one of the leading Particular Baptist ministers in London. He served thirty-six years as the Pastor for the Horsleydown church, was one of the signers of the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith and was the author of more than forty books.

Benjamin Keach on the Everlasting Covenant (Complete)