“But for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.”—Genesis 2:20

My soul, mark what is here said, for sure it is a sweet scripture. Amidst all the works of God, “there was not one that could be found an help meet for man.” The inferior creatures could indeed minister to his bodily comfort, but not to his soul. Eve herself, with all her loveliness, must have failed in this particular. Both the woman and her husband alike needed this help to the soul. How refreshing is the thought, and what a lovely view doth it give us of God’s grace and mercy, that in the seed of the woman an help, in the fullest sense of the word, was found both for time and eternity. Jesus in our nature needed the church for his partner: and the church needed Jesus, and he was, and is, the very Adam of whom our first father in nature, was but the shadow, and Christ the substance. Yes, blessed Jesus! in thee we trace this wondrous gift of God. Pause then, my soul, and add this thought to the vast account: The same love which fitted thee with an help meet in a Saviour, hath fitted thee, and will continue to fit thee, with the supply of all thy need. It were to be wished, that every child of God would never lose sight of this certain truth-that he must have the fittest station in life, the fittest frame of mind and of body, the fittest yoke-fellow, the fittest circumstances; in short, the fittest mercies and the fittest trials; because every thing is made subservient to the divine glory in Jesus. Sweet thought! “He that spared not his own Son, will with him also freely give us all things.”


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