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132 Ages Of The World


The time preceding the birth of Christ has generally been divided into six ages. The first extends from the beginning of the world to the deluge, and comprehends one thousand six hundred and fifty-six years. The second, from the deluge to Abraham’s entering the Land of Promise in 2082, comprehends four hundred and twenty-six years. The third from Abraham’s entrance into the promised land to the Exodus in 2523, four hundred and thirty years. The fourth, from the going out of Egypt to the foundation of the temple by Solomon in 2992, four hundred and seventy-nine years. The fifth, from Solomon’s foundation of the temple to the Babylonish captivity in 3416, four hundred and twenty-one years. The sixth, from the Babylonish captivity to the birth of Christ, A. M. 4000, the fourth year before the vulgar aera, includes five hundred and eighty-four years.

Charles Buck (1771-1815) was an English Independent minister, best known for the publication of his “Theological Dictionary”. According to the “Dictionary of National Biography”, a Particular Baptist minister named John C. Ryland (1723-1792) assisted Buck by writing many of the articles for the aforementioned publication. One may conclude, based not only Buck’s admiration for his friend Ryland, but also on the entries in his Theological Dictionary, that he stood head and shoulders with the High-Calvinists of his day.

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Charles Buck's Theological Dictionary