James Upton

The Life And Ministry Of James Upton

John Gadsby, “Memoirs Of The Principal Hymn-Writers And Compilers Of The 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries”:

 James Upton was born at Tunbridge Wells, Sept. 15th, 1760. We was upwards of 48 years pastor of the Baptist church, Church Street, Blackfriars Road, London. In 1776, he removed to Waltham Abbey, Essex, and two years afterwards he was baptized and joined Mr. Davis’s church, being then only 18. On Feb. 20th, 1785, he preached his first sermon from a pulpit, at Waltham Abbey, from 1 Cor. 15:10. In June, 1786, he was ordained pastor over the people at Church Street, then called Green Walk. He was greatly esteemed in the circle with which he was connected. In 1799 he wrote several excellent letters to a friend who had embraced Socinian views. He died Sept. 22nd, 1834. The hymn, “Christ hath blessings to impart,” was issued in its present form by him in 1814; but a hymn very much like it was in Lady Huntingdon’s Collection, 1780.

James Upton (1760-1834) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher and hymn writer. In 1786, he was appointed pastor of the church meeting at Church Street (Green Walk), Blackfriers.