Baptists have historically been identified by their conviction on the supremacy of the Holy Scripture and their view of the local church. There have, nevertheless, been great differences between groups of Baptist churches. The Association of Historic Baptists promotes a particular viewpoint that has long continued to distinguish a group of Baptist churches worldwide from other Baptist groups. This online resource is purposed to serve as a treasury for articles contributed by authors who support one or more of the Historic Affirmations. Prior to the 1950′s, many Baptist churches unashamedly embraced the following tenants of the faith:

The Historic Affirmations

1. The Authorised Version of the Holy Scripture, the official English translation used in the pew and from the pulpit.
2. The Doctrines of Grace, governing the congregation’s reverential approach to the Lord in worship and her doctrinal approach to others in edification and evangelism.
3. Restricted Communion, requiring participants at the Lord’s Table to be baptized believers in membership with a local church.
4. Plural Leadership, consisting of pastor and deacons, shaping the pastoral oversight recognized by the congregation.


Despite growing dissent, there is a vibrant group of Christians that remain faithful to these Affirmations “once delivered unto the saints.” If you subscribe to one or more of these Affirmations, you are welcome to join the Association.

As the authors who contribute articles to the Association may not embrace all four Affirmations, so their views may not represent that of the Association. Nevertheless, where one author may excel on one of the four Affirmations, it is profitable to consider his contribution to the whole.

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