The Association of Historic Baptists (AHB) is aligned with the teachings of the Strict and Particular Baptists in England. The name “Strict” refers to the Lord’s Table restricted to baptized believers in covenant with a local church; the name “Particular” refers to the Lord’s atonement restricted to those belonging to the gracious covenant of the TriUne Jehovah.

The AHB was organized in 2011 by two members of Bethesda Baptist Church, Kensington Place, London, England—Jared Smith (Pastor) and Marc Smith (Building Manager). Soon after, Kevin Price (Presiding Minister of Zoar Particular Baptist Chapel, Bradford) joined the team. The original goal of the AHB was to serve as a loose fellowship (affiliation) of likeminded churches and believers around the world. However, interest of this kind was not forthcoming. In time, the AHB evolved into an online resource which promotes Strict and Particular Baptist writings and recordings of past and present gospel preachers.

There are several leading features which distinguish us from the mainstream “reformed” churches of our day:

• We believe saving faith is the result of regenerating grace, and that only those who have been brought experientially under the authority of the covenant of grace are duty-bound to believe on Christ to the saving of their souls

• We believe the gospel should be fully and freely preached to all sinners, but that it should never be foolishly and presumptuously offered to anyone

• We believe the rule of conduct for the believer’s life is the gospel law, and therefore the believer is no longer duty-bound to the heart law, nor in any way subject to the mosaic law

• We believe the Authorized Version of the Bible is the most trustworthy translation readily available in the English language today

• We believe the biblical pattern of church governance is the oversight of one pastor assisted by a group of deacons, as opposed to the newfangled theory of an eldership oligarchy

If you are in sympathy with one or more of these values, please make contact with us. We would be blessed to hear from you!

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