Plain Reasons for Keeping to the Authorised Version

Since 1831, The Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) has “acknowledged the whole Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God, the sole, supreme, and infallible rule of faith and practice, providentially preserved by God. In contrast to the growing liberalism and Unitarianism in Christian thought, this Society has worked for the publication of faithful and reliable copies of the Holy Scriptures without the Apocrypha.” The following five articles are published by TBS in one pamphlet entitled, “Plain Reasons for Keeping to the Authorised Version”.

Why should we keep to the Authorised Version of the Bible in preference to the many modern versions now available? The question is often asked, and here are some of the answers –

1. The Authorised Version is based on a better “text”.

2. The Authorised Version is a more accurate translation.

3. The Authorised Version is in more appropriate English.

4. The Authorised Version bears a stronger testimony to the Godhead of the Lord Jesus Christ than we find in many modern versions.

5. The Authorised Version has served as a standard English translation recognised throughout the English-speaking world as the source and foundation of effective Gospel preaching, and as the highest authority in all matters of controversy.

Trinitarian Bible Society, “Plain Reasons for Keeping to the Authorised Version”