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My Prototype Of The Sovereign Grace Framework

I use for the backdrop of my teaching ministry something called the Framework of Sovereign Grace. It is a diagram designed to illustrate the masterplan of God for the ages. This diagram emerged around ten years ago while expounding the ninth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans. Initially, it served as an aid to my own understanding of sovereign grace and the biblical covenants. However, it wasn’t long before I incorporated it into my teaching ministry. Visual aids have always been an essential tool for my learning, and while not everyone may be a fan, I am encouraged by men such as William Perkins and John Bunyan, both of whom illustrated their framework of teachings with a diagram. My framework differs from theirs, but the teachings are orthodox, they being outlined by John Gill in his Body of Divinity. In fact, I am scheduled to align the teachings of John Gill with my Framework in an upcoming study in my series on Bible Doctrine. The notes below were found in an old box of sermons, which look like an early prototype of the Sovereign Grace Framework. With the diagram was another set of notes outlining the differences between the two permanent and perpetual covenants (works and grace) and how they both differ from the Mosaic covenant. It should be understood, I view the covenant of redemption to be one and the same with the covenant of grace; that is, I do not believe God established an additional covenant with Adam after the Fall, requiring of sinners saving faith; rather, God carried out the covenant of redemption (or grace) in time by regenerating Adam after the Fall, thereby giving to him saving faith (a gift, not a duty).

Prototype Of The Sovereign Grace Framework

Outline Of The Sovereign Grace Framework