Error Concerning the Covenant of Grace to be Resisted

William Styles published a book in 1902 entitled, “A Guide to Church Fellowship, as Maintained by Primitive, or Strict and Particular Baptists”. On pages 31 and 32, under the general heading, “Error Concerning the Covenant of Grace to be Resisted”, the following statement is found:

“Any so-called Gospel which expressly or implicitly denies these truths [anti-duty-faith and anti-free-offer]—which represents the regeneration and conversion of sinners to be contingent on the earnestness and activity of “Gospel workers”—or the progress of God’s salvation to be hindered by Christian apathy or infirmity—is not true, and no lover of truth should countenance it.

Young Christian, be not deceived by the plausibility, eloquence or urgency of preachers, if error on these vital points enters into their ministry.

Anxious enquirer, avoid such teachers. They will only mislead you, and increase your sorrow.

Strict and Particular Baptists, remember that such men do not belong to our section of the church. Stevens, Wells, Foreman, Palmer, Hazelton, and Atkinson would not have received them as such—nor should we, their unworthy successors.”