Jared Smith's Sermons

Three Pillars Of False Religion

Some of the points covered in this sermon:
• The timeframe when the events of Genesis 3 occurred
• The location where the events of Genesis 3 occurred
• The main events in Genesis 3
• Examining Satan’s temptation of the woman in verses 1-5
• Examining Adam and Eve’s transgression in verse 6
• Examining Adam and Eve’s vain attempt to make themselves right with God and escape His wrath and judgment in verses 7-13
• Examining the Lord’s pronouncement of judgment upon those involved in Adam and Eve’s transgression in verses 14-19
• Examining Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the garden of Eden in verses 20-24
• Showing how Adam and Eve remained under the authority of the covenant of works after they transgressed the law inscribed upon their hearts
• Showing the three pillars of false religion introduced by Adam and Eve—(1) clothing one’s self in an attempt to cover one’s nakedness; (2) hiding one’s self from the presence of the Lord; (3) blaming others in an attempt to justify one’s self before God