Jared Smith's Sermons

The Charismatic Movement

Some of the points covered in this sermon:

• Underscoring the leading features of the Spirit baptism which restricts it to the three incidents recorded in Acts 2, 8 and 10
• Explaining why Acts 19, 1 Corinthians 12 and Titus 3 do not reference a Spirit baptism
• Tracing the origin and development of the Charismatic Movement between the 18th and 20th centuries
• Explaining the pivotal role the cultural revolution of the 1960’s played in the development of the Charismatic Movement
• Explaining the doctrine of the Charismatic Movement, as it relates to Spirit baptism, speaking in new tongues, faith healing and the utterance of prophetic revelations
• Explaining the role music plays in the Charismatic Movement, and why it is an essential departure from the faith, rather than a mere preferential style of “worship”
• Showing how the Charismatic Movement now dominates the “Evangelical” circle of churches in the Philippines
• Making an appeal to the Lord’s people to exercise discernment and come out from Charismatic churches, rejecting its new age philosophies and avoiding its pervasive influences