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Keep Silence All Created Things

Some of the points covered in this sermon:

• Highlighting the subject and theme of the hymn—God providentially governs all things and events, according to His decree from eternity
• Examining the decree of God as it aligns with the framework of sovereign grace
• Exploring the four stanzas of the hymn, showing how each stanza calls attention to a particular aspect of God’s decree and the believer’s response to it
• Stanza 1: God’s decree is majestic—we sing to the Lord, rather than fuss against Him
• Stanza 2: God’s decree is comprehensive—we trust in the Lord, rather than despair in our distresses
• Stanza 3: God’s decree is mysterious—we resign ourselves to the Lord, rather than contend against Him
• Stanza 4: God’s decree is personal—we draw near to the Lord, rather than distancing ourselves from Him

Isaac Watts (1674 –1748) was an English Congregational preacher, theologian and hymn writer.

Isaac Watts Hymn Studies