Jared Smith's Sermons

Historic Divisions

Some of the points covered in this sermon:

• Underscoring four reasons why a response to Dispensationalism should be given
• Highlighting the two principles of interpretation upon which the entire scheme of dispensational teachings is based
• Giving special attention to the first principle of interpretation—all history must be interpreted segrementally
• Showing why 2 Timothy 2:15, which is the basis for their interpretive principle of history, does not support their newfangled hermeneutic
• Pointing out six major errors in the dispensational system of teachings
• First, the framework is theologically flawed
• Second, the seven divisions of history are arbitrary
• Third, the authority for human accountability is misplaced
• Fourth, the number of authorities for human accountability is excessive
• Fifth, the partition of scripture into seven time periods is disuniting
• Sixth, the multiple covenants for each time period is anti-gospel