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Evangelizing Or Proselyting?

Arminians evangelize, right? Low-Calvinists evangelize, right? Moderate-Calvinists evangelize, right? Hyper-Calvinists don’t evangelize, right? Wrong! The Hyper-Calvinists are the only persons who evangelize. The other groups proselyte. In a recent study on Hyper-Calvinism[1], I distinguished between evangelizing and proselyting.

In his book, “Hyper-Calvinism”: Is It True?”, Stanley Philipps differentiates between the two systems. On page 63, he writes:

“(Proselytizing and evangelizing are not the same thing! Modern “evangelism” is a misnomer – it is blatant “proselytizing.”) The Hyper-calvinists never utilized man-made institutions to improve on God’s Word. They never turned to the world of the ungodly for financial support or for church members. Finding no “free offer” – not even once – in the Scripture, they give none. To them, the true Gospel is a proclamation, or publication of “glad-tidings” to quickened, or regenerated sinners. It is a message of what great things Christ accomplished in their behalf by His sufferings for their sins. They know that God never “tries” to save anyone, let alone every one! They worship a God that “wants” nothing, for He has all things. Man “wants,” God “will.” Hyper-calvinists do not “offer” “the children’s bread to dogs” or to strangers to the covenant; nor do they promise the children’s inheritance to those outside the family of God. They are careful to obey the Lord to ”not cast their pearls before swine.” They do not “compass sea and land to make one proselyte” for the Lord told His disciples that when this was done, the convert was “twofold more the child of hell.” (Matthew 23:15). This is far more serious than Neo-calvinists consider! Such practices fill religious societies with dead hypocrites; it gives the “church” (if it was such) to the world of the ungodly.

Hyper-calvinists welcome all that God in His sovereign Providence delivers to their assemblies, and preach indiscriminately to all. Only the Lord can know “them that are His.” They understand that the “Gospel is the savor of life unto life to them that believe; and a savor of death unto death to them that perish;” and for this cause ministers are to preach the same message to all their hearers alike; and leave the results where they are: in the hand of Almighty God! God is certainly capable of applying knowledge of salvation to those that Christ saved.”

He continues on pages 71 and 72:

“The so-called “Evangelicals” have one primary goal: make a name for themselves by their “soul-winning” skills. If a minister cannot get new members during a so-called “revival,” the religious society which employed him has wasted their money. They want more members, not necessarily more ”believers.” It would be alright if they were their kind of “believers,” but if they were free grace believers, they would be trouble-makers. Members are more likely to pay “tithes” and/or give “offerings.” These revenues are necessary for the religious- business enterprise. It cannot continue without these. The most popular “evangelists”, or proselyters, are those with the most successful skills in decision-making; and they are in high demand. Some do not even bother to serve churches, but make their living hawking Jesus. Basically, then, modern so-called “evangelism” is an economic device, rather than a spiritual one. Spirituality has nothing to do with its motivation. The ministers and “evangelists” are hirelings; and as Jesus declared, they “care not for the sheep.” They weep and mourn publicly over the “lost world,” but never much over the “sheep.” Whatever this religion is, it is a far cry from Biblical Christianity. It is alien to “the faith of God’s elect,” (Titus 1:1.), and obnoxious to any called saint.”

I believe when the regenerate sinner steps back and objectively analyzes what it is the mainstream churches are doing by way of “evangelism”, he/she will discover the preachers and personal workers are in the business of proselyting, rather than the ministry of evangelism. This is true for the Arminian, Low and Moderate Calvinist churches. Of course, the Moderate Calvinist churches are more subtle and crafty in their message and tactics. Nevertheless, their duty faith and free offer system exists in order to proselyte the world. If you find yourself mixed up with a proselyting church, is this not a sufficient cause for you to move your membership to an evangelizing church? If so, then you are looking for a Hyper-Calvinist ministry. Most Hyper-Calvinists do not advertise themselves as such, but you will quickly discover them by the full, free and fruitful gospel they preach. May the Lord bless you in your journey of grace!

[1] “Is Hyper-Calvinism A False Gospel?”, uploaded to the online resources of the Association of Historic Baptists, under the category – “Jared Smith, A Response To Roy Hargrave’s Comments On Hyper-Calvinism (Complete)”.