By this term we are to understand, 1. God himself, Ps 20:1.—2. His titles peculiar to himself, Ex 3:13,14.—3. His word, Ps 5:11. Acts 9:15.—4. His works, Ps 8:1.—5. His worship, Ex 20:24.— 6. His perfections and excellencies, Ex 34:6. Jn 17:26. The properties or qualities of this name are these: 1. A glorious name, Ps 72:17.—2. Transcendent and incomparable, Rev 19:16.—3. Powerful, Phil 2:10.—4. Holy and reverend, Ps 111:9.—5. Awful to the wicked.—6. Perpetual, Is 55:13.


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