“Jesus made a surety.”—Hebrews 7:22

My soul, look at Jesus as a Surety, and as “made the Surety” this morning! Blessed view, if so be the Holy Ghost will enlighten thine eyes to see him under all these characters. First; a Surety. “We are all ruined by a debt incapable of ever being paid by any, or by all, the fallen sons of Adam. Jesus steps in, becomes a Surety for our debt, and pays the whole by his obedience and death. But we owe a duty also, as well as a debt. Jesus becomes here again the Surety. He will put his Spirit in us, and we shall live. He becomes also a Surety for promises, that all God hath promised for his sake, shall be fulfilled in him, and in us for him. But he is not only a Surety, but made a Surety; for the Father’s name, and the Father’s authority, is in him. It is God the Father which saith, I have given him for a covenant. Precious thought for faith to act upon! And, my soul, is not Jesus thy Surety? Yes, if while the Father thus freely gives, thou as fully receivest, and art looking to no other. Say then, my soul, is it not so with thee? Is not Jesus thy all in all, thy Surety, thy Sponsor, thy Redeemer? And cost thou not say, Thou shalt answer for me, Oh Lord my God! Oh comprehensive word, Jesus made a Surety.


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