Charles Buck's Theological Dictionary

20 Omnipresence Of God


Is his ubiquity, or his being present in every place. This may be argued from his infinity, Ps. 139, his power, which is every where, Heb. 1:3; his providence, Acts 17:27, 28, which supplies all. As he is a spirit, he is so omnipresent as not to be mixed with the creature, or divided, part in one place, and part in another; nor is he multiplied or extended, but is essentially present every where. From the consideration of this attribute we should learn to fear and reverence God, Psal. 89:7. To derive consolation in the hour of distress, Is. 63:2. Ps. 46:1. To be active and diligent in holy services, Psal. 119:168.

Charles Buck (1771-1815) was an English Independent minister, best known for the publication of his “Theological Dictionary”. According to the “Dictionary of National Biography”, a Particular Baptist minister named John C. Ryland (1723-1792) assisted Buck by writing many of the articles for the aforementioned publication. One may conclude, based not only Buck’s admiration for his friend Ryland, but also on the entries in his Theological Dictionary, that he stood head and shoulders with the High-Calvinists of his day.

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Charles Buck's Theological Dictionary