Is the infinite glory and excellency of all his perfections. His greatness appears by the attributes he possesses, Deut. 32:3,4. the works he hath made, Ps. 19:1. by the awful and benign providences he displays, Ps. 97:1,2. the great effects he produces by his word, Gen. 1, the constant energy he manifests in the existence and support of all his creatures, Ps. 145:3, not diminished by exertion, but will always remain the same, Mal. 3:6. The considerations of his greatness should excite veneration, Ps. 89:7. admiration, Jer. 9:6,7. humility, Job 42:5,6. dependence, Is. 26:4. submission, Job 1:22. obedience Deut. 4:39,40.


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