Charles Buck's Theological Dictionary

7 Son Of God


A term applied in the Scriptures not only to magistrates and saints, but more particularly to Jesus Christ. Christ, says Bishop Pearson, has a fourfold right to this title. 1. By generation, as begotten of God, Lk 1:35.—2. By commission, as sent by him, Jn 10:34,36.—3. By resurrection, as the first born, Acts 13:32,33.—4. By actual possession, as heir of all, Heb 1:2,5. But, besides these four, many think that he is called the Son of God in such a way and manner as never any other was, is, or can be, because of his own divine nature, he being the true, proper, and natural Son of God, begotten by him before all worlds, Jn 3:16. Rom 8:3. 1 Jn 4:9.

Charles Buck (1771-1815) was an English Independent minister, best known for the publication of his “Theological Dictionary”. According to the “Dictionary of National Biography”, a Particular Baptist minister named John C. Ryland (1723-1792) assisted Buck by writing many of the articles for the aforementioned publication. One may conclude, based not only Buck’s admiration for his friend Ryland, but also on the entries in his Theological Dictionary, that he stood head and shoulders with the High-Calvinists of his day.

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