Is the purity and rectitude of his nature. It is an essential attribute of God, and what is the glory, lustre, and harmony of all his other perfections, Ps. 27:4. Exod. 15:11. He could not be God without it, Deut. 32:4. It is infinite and unbounded; it cannot be increased or diminished. Immutable and invariable, Mal. 3:6. God is originally holy; he is so of and in himself, and the author and promoter of all holiness among his creatures. The holiness of God is visible by his works; he made all things holy, Gen. 1:31. By his providences, all which are to promote holiness in the end, Heb. 12:10. By his grace, which influences the subjects of it to be holy, Tit. 2:10, 12. By his word, which commands it, 1 Pet. 1:15. By his ordinances, which he hath appointed for that end, Jer. 44:4,5. By the punishment of sin in the death of Christ, Is. 53. and by the eternal punishment of it in wicked men, Matt. 25. last verse.


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