“All are yours; and ye are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s.”—1 Corinthians 3:22, 23

Oh what a rich inventory is here. All things, all blessings, all gifts, all grace, all mercy; all, all the the christian’s. And observe, my soul, on what it is suspended—”If ye are Christ’s.” And whose art thou, my soul, but his? Hath not the Father given thee to him? And hath not the Son of God bought thee with a price? Hast thou not made a voluntary surrender of thyself to Jesus, and given thyself to him in an everlasting covenant which cannot be broken? Oh yes, yes, all this is certain. Lord, grant me grace and faith in lively exercise, that I may now take to myself all the blessedness of it by anticipation; until I come to realize the whole in absolute enjoyment in glory. Christ is mine, and with him, heaven is mine. God the Father is mine, the Holy Ghost is mine, all covenant blessings are mine; ordinances, means of grace, the holy book of God, all are mine here, and will be my portion for evermore. Hallelujah.


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