“Nevertheless, he saved them for his name’s sake, that he might make his mighty power to be known.”—Psalm 106:8

Pause, my soul, over this verse, and observe how thy gracious God took occasion, from the misery of Israel, and even from their unworthiness, to magnify the riches of his grace. Israel had highly sinned: they had provoked the Lord; and their provocations were aggravated, from the spot where they were committed, for it was at the sea, even at the Red Sea, that memorable sea where the Lord had made a path for their deliverance. And wherefore, then, did he save them? Wherefore did not the Lord drown them in the depths of the sea, for their unbelief and hardness of heart? This sweet scripture gives the reason. “He saved them for his name’s sake.” His name was engaged in covenant promises, and his glory was magnified in making good his engagements, notwithstanding all their undeservings. And what saith this doctrine to thee, my soul? There is a nevertheless with thee also, from God’s covenant engagement in Christ and to Christ, thy glorious covenant head, notwithstanding all thy unworthiness and provocations. Though I fail in all, God’s covenant fails in none. Though my unbelief breaks out like Israel’s, even at the red sea of Christ’s blood; yet the efficacy of that blood is still the same, and the Father’s engagement to his dear Son, by virtue of it, never can fail. His own love is the standard of his grace, and not my deservings; his name’s sake, and not my merit, the rule of his favour towards his people; and all in Jesus. Fold up, then, this blessed scripture, my soul, for thy daily meditation, and learn to bless the freeness of that grace which hath for its object the glory of God’s name, and no motive for thy salvation, but God’s glory in Christ Jesus.


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