“For verily he took not on him the nature of angels.”—Hebrews 2:16

Contemplate, my soul, the peculiar sweetness of that grace which was in thy Jesus, when, for the accomplishment of thy salvation, he passed by the nature of angels to take upon him thy nature. There were but two sorts of transgressors in the creation of God; angels and men. But angels are left in everlasting chains, under darkness, to the judgment of the great day. And falled, sinful, rebellious man, finds the grace of redemption. Had Jesus taken their nature, would not this have been nearer to his own? Would not their services have been vastly superior to ours? Would not the redemption of beings so much higher in rank and intellect, have opened a far larger revenue of praise to our adorable Redeemer? Pause over these thoughts, my soul, and then consider therefrom how our Jesus, in his unequalled condescension, hath thereby the more endeared himself to thy love. And learn hence, that if Jesus needs not the service of angels, how is it possible that man can be profitable to God! And the simple act of faith of a poor fellow sinner, in believing the record that God hath given of his dear Son, gives more honour to God than all the services of men or angels for ever. Mark this down as a blessed truth; Jehovah is more glorified by thy faith and trust in him, than by all thy works. Lord, give me this faith, that I may cleave to thee, hang upon thee, follow thee, and never give over looking unto thee, until mine eye-strings break and my heart-strings fail and then as now, be thou “the strength of mine heart, and my portion for ever!”


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