Jared Smith on the Biblical Covenants

7 The Earthly And Temporary Covenants: Part 3

Some of the points I cover in this teaching video:

Having explained the significance of the Messiah’s bloodline in the previous study, I distinguish between two “elect” groups of people recorded in the scriptures—the physically elect and the spiritually elect. The physically elect are those persons belonging to the Messiah’s bloodline leading to the incarnation of Christ. The spiritually elect are those persons belonging to Father’s saving purpose in the redeeming grace of Christ. The physically elect were secured earthly blessings under earthly covenants, whereas the spiritually elect are secured heavenly blessings under the spiritual covenant of redemption (grace).

After making these distinctions, I concentrate the remainder of the study on the covenant God made with Noah. Its laws and blessings are highlighted, together with an explanation why the covenant terminates with the second coming of Christ.

Jared Smith, Muntinlupa, PH (9/12/2022)