Jared Smith on the Biblical Covenants

9 The Earthly And Temporary Covenants – Part 5

Some of the points I cover in this teaching video:

I return to the subject of a conditional covenant of grace, explaining why I believe the scriptures do not identify any such agreement. I show what the Presbyterians and the Reformed Baptists believe on the matter, and how their misunderstanding of the covenants has resulted in the teachings of duty faith and the free offer. I provide a response to these pernicious teachings, illustrating where the Presbyterians and the Reformed Baptists go wrong in their covenantal framework. I draw the study to a close by affirming the views I set forth to be aligned with the historic development of covenant theology according to the teachings of Benjamin Keach and John Gill.

Jared Smith, Muntinlupa, PH (6/01/2023)