The Gospel Standard

Who Is A God Like Unto Our God?

Gospel Standard Magazine
No. 237 — September 1, 1855 —Vol. 21, Pages 283,284

Dear Friend,—I was glad to hear from you and learn something of your estate: to hear that the good hand of the Lord was upon you as well as upon many others of the chosen race, the instructed, corrected, and quickened family of the Almighty. I am tolerably well, better than I deserve to be. I am a great debtor to the great Creditor, and have no hope to stand before him with acceptance only in and through the great Surety and his great and all-sufficient satisfaction, and receive a forgiveness of all my debts out of the love and mercy of the Creditor and Surety, revealed, brought home and applied unto my poor ill and hell-deserving soul with’ a divine power. O that I were not so tongue-tied, so spirit-bound, so winter-cold, so trembling in fear, so stone-like hard, but that I could praise his name, and extol him on high for evermore! I am not only out of hell, but I am fed, clothed, relieved from sickness by medicine, supplied with money, protected, preserved, upheld, maintained, defended, guided, directed, and have my way cast up unto and through Christ for this everlasting salvation so full, so free, or it would never suit the condition that I see and feel myself to be in. What pains and care he has taken with me; what expense has been incurred to rear me, and bring me thus far on, my way unto him. How has he humbled, meekened, softened, swaddled, and dandled me, in order that I should know him as my covenant God, and Father, and that I might be free, although he is so high, so great, and so glorious and take all my delight and pleasure in himself and the things, the only things that please him. How he has crucified my old man, quickened my soul, weaned me from the world, and is weaning me fEom the church, from my family, and the dear creatures for whom I have labored that Christ might be formed in their hearts, and dwell there the, hope of glory. Moses said, the prophet said, you have said, and I say, “Who is a God like unto our God?” We challenge them all to show us a God as our Immanuel; he is with us in our nature, will be with us in his good Spirit, and will never leave us as the omnipresent God.

What wooing, winning, cheering, comforting, and captivating ways has Jehovah! How has he conquered, wooed, and won us for his bride, brought us up as his children, trained us for his servants, drilled us for his soldiers, elevated us as his courtiers, and commissioned us as his ambassadors. How has he given us authority with his seals, ornamented us with his robe, chain, and girdle. How has he banqueted, feasted, and quenched our souls. How has he endeared himself, and set our affections upon his blessed self, and made us jealous if we think, that others have more of his visits and presence than we. How wisely has he planned all things; how divinely are all things ordered; how justly are all things dealt out unto us; how feelingly we know that he is merciful in all the past and present wants. How at times he enables us, to believe that all will be right in the unknown future. Dear F., I commend you unto him for all that faithfulness that has never failed. You know him, but I have had almost double the time that you have had for the attainment of that pure and divine knowledge. I think if life be scared, and health and strength admit, I will endeavor to see you before an­ other summer has passed away. Our union remains the same. We pray the Lord to bless you and yours and to give you souls for your hire, and seals to your ministry, that shall be the crown of your rejoicing in that day.

W. C.