John Throssell,  Personal Confessions

The Doctrinal Basis For My Faith

Earthen Vessel 1895:

In 1895, recognition services were conducted at Salem Chapel, Ramsey, Hunts., for the appointment of the church’s new pastor, John Throssell. Mr. Throssell announced as the “Doctrinal Basis” for his faith:

“I believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God. In it we see the existent of the Deity, being one God in three distinct Persons, being equal in all their perfections—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The plan of salvation rests on the work of the Trinity. 1. The determination of the Father, as seen in electing love and predestinating grace. 2. On the work of the Son, who in the fulness of time became incarnate, and in His life and death made atonement for sin, procuring salvation for His Church. 3. On the work of the Holy Ghost, who undertakes to quicken all the redeemed into spiritual life. The fall of all mankind in Adam. For all have sinned; but as an act of sovereign grace, millions of sinners are brought to know God by the Spirit’s teaching, and to rely on Christ for salvation by faith, which is the gift of God, and not a legal duty. These souls are justified, sanctified (hence the importance of our walk according with the Gospel of Christ), and finally brought to glory. The resurrection of the dead, the final judgment, the everlasting happiness of the saints, and eternal punishment of the wicked. Baptism by immersion, on profession of faith and repentance, the only door of admittance to the Lord’s table.”

John Throssell (1868-?) was a Strict and Particular Baptist preacher. In 1895, he was appointed pastor of the church meeting at “Salem,” Ramsey, Hunts.