Adam Nixon

Adam Nixon, born in Lincolnshire, England, received a strictly non-religious upbringing, but was later saved at All Souls Anglican Church, London. He served as Associate Pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church between 1984 and 1991, then pastored Harvest Baptist Church, Lincolnshire, for six years. He and his wife moved to Rome, Italy in 1997, where he continues an itinerate ministry. In the 21st Century, observing the new worldwide power seized and consolidated by atheistic culture through the Internet, Adam was awakened to a new urgency to proclaim the gospel fundamentals.

Articles on Closed Communion (Complete)
Lectures On Closed Communion

  • Articles on Closed Communion (Complete)

    Closed Communion

    What is a Strict Baptist? These articles are about the historically, and more importantly, scripturally authentic church practice known as Closed Communion. The practice is also known as ‘Restricted Communion’, and it is from the word ‘restricted’ that ‘Strict Baptist’ churches take their title. Although the casual or unsaved visitor to a Strict Baptist church may indeed find the congregation rather stern, dull or strange at first meeting, the designation ‘strict’ has nothing to do with any such behaviour or dress code which might exist in such a church. Rather, it refers specifically and solely to the scripturally prescribed practice of restricting participation in the communion service to a specifically limited subset of the population. Neither does ‘Strict Baptist’ refer to a denomination, as does,…