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New Focus magazine has been published by Go Publications since 1996 when it appeared as a printed bi-monthly magazine with an annual subscription. More recently it has been circulated as a free quarterly online magazine. It is edited by pastor Peter L. Meney and is presently circulated to around a thousand individuals and churches.

  • New Focus Magazine,  Peter Meney on Doctrinal Matters

    ‘Justified By His Grace’

    In Titus chapter 3 the Apostle Paul reminds his young friend to ‘affirm constantly’ the doctrine of justification by God’s grace. The free gift of God’s righteousness imputed to sinners is to be faithfully declared and frequently repeated. It is the message we as needy sinners should demand from our preachers, and which we who are preachers should be determined to declare. Being ‘justified by his grace’ is at the very heart of the gospel message. If we are ‘justified by his grace’ there can be no element of our own works involved.  Gospel preaching is sovereign grace preaching. If a preacher does not preach free, sovereign grace he is not preaching the gospel. Furthermore, if he does not affirm constantly this message he is…