Jared Smith On Various Issues

A Very Strange Sound In Our Ears

Strange things  I’ve heard Reformed Baptists say:

“We must believe like John Calvin, but evangelize like James Arminius!”

“If it were not for Paedobaptism, I would be a Presbyterian!”

“A church is at high risk of pastoral dictatorship unless more than one pastor is appointed.”

“Christians need the church like babies need milk…it is their nourishment for life.”

“Hyper-calvinists have no urgency to preach the gospel to dying sinners,”

said one while spending a day visiting with me in the sitting room, instead of urgently preaching the gospel to my neigbors.

“It is the unbeliever’s duty to believe on Christ, and the believer’s duty to obey the [moral] law!”

“God wants you to come to Christ; the only thing keeping you from salvation is your unbelief!”

“God will bring you under greater condemnation if you reject Jesus Christ as your Savior!”

“There is enough virtue in the blood of Christ to save the entire world if they were to believe on Him!”

“The 1689 is what unites us, brethren. We are Particular Baptists!”

To borrow an expression from their champion, Andrew Fuller, the things they say are “a very strange sound in our ears”!