William Rushton

The Life And Death Of William Rushton

Obituary of Mr. William Rushton, Jun. 

Died February 6, 1838 

Mr. William Rushton, Jun. died February 6, 1838, triumphing in the glorious gospel of the blessed God. Mr. Rushton, of Liverpool, was author of ”Letters on Particular Redemption, addressed to a Baptist Minister.” 

For many years he conducted the evening service of Lime Street Chapel, Liverpool, the church under the pastoral care of the Rev. James Lister; and his labors his Master crowned with success. He was made through the power of the Holy Ghost the honoured instrument of building up God’s elect in their most holy faith; and the glorious truths he preached to others, were his only consolation in his dying moments. 

He had no isms in his creed, but took the scriptures as revealed by the Divine Spirit. He considered the gospel to be the everlasting love of God to his elect, by which he distinguishes them from all other people in the world. Their complete righteousness and justification by the blood and righteousness of the Lord Jesus imputed to them; their certain, infallible, effectual calling to the knowledge and enjoyment of Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost, and their final perseverance unto the end; and that their eternal salvation shall reflect everlastingly all the praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, by whose boundless grace it was alone effected. 

These truths it was his delight to declare from Sabbath to Sabbath, and God the Holy Spirit testified his approval of them, by comforting many of Zion’s drooping pilgrims. 

Liverpool. W. R. SEN. 

William Rushton (1796-1838) was a High-Calvinist Particular Baptist preacher. He ministered the gospel to the church meeting at Lime Street Chapel, Liverpool, England.