Jared Smith on Eldership

Preface To The Teaching Transcripts

The following articles are transcripts (with slight revisions) of my pulpit teachings between the years 2010-2013, given to the church meeting at Kensington Place, London, over which I was then pastor. In the Autumn of 2009, the church came under internal and external pressures to replace the pastoral office with a plural eldership, as advocated by the Reformed Baptists. Since this type of polity had never been practiced by the 150 year old church, I was not quick to adopt the system. Nevertheless, I was willing to make the change so long as the Scriptures sanctioned it. The arguments set forth by the plural eldership proponents were strong and convincing—on a biblical and practical level. However, there were a number of contradictions and unsettled issues which called for deeper research into the subject. The substance of that research was condensed week by week as I incorporated my findings into the regular teaching ministry of the church. 

After three intense years of research, it was my intention to prepare the material for publication. However, my attempt to revise (polish) the transcripts resulted in an unwieldy manuscript in excess of 1,000 pages. I therefore scrapped the book and archived the pulpit teachings. 

Over the years, several people have sought my counsel, but I have been reluctant to share the transcripts. Not only do they stand in need of grammatical correction, but after ten years of maturing in the faith, I would now approach the subject and articulate the issues somewhat differently. Currently, I do not have the time (nor perhaps the ability) to shape the material into a user-friendly “book”. Not long ago, one man lovingly rebuked me for ‘hiding’ the transcripts which in his view might prove useful to those who have not made up their minds on the subject. It is with that view I now publish to The Baptist Particular the original transcripts, trusting the Lord to make use of them as He pleases. 

Yours for the gospel and the church of Christ,

Jared Smith

Muntinlupa, PH