• Jared Smith On Various Issues

    Divine Sovereignty And Human Responsibility?

    Hyper-Calvinists are often accused of minimizing the responsibility of man by magnifying the sovereignty of God. This is a false charge and an erroneous dichotomy.  Rather than minimizing the responsibility of man, Hyper-Calvinists rightly identify it. They believe unregenerate sinners are responsible to God according to the terms and promises of the covenant of works, for it is under the authority of that covenant they are in relationship to God. On the other hand, regenerate sinners are responsible to God according to the terms and promises of the covenant of grace, for it is under the authority of that covenant they are in relationship with God. Experientially speaking, the turning point for a sinner between the two covenants is regeneration, which is not conditioned (spiritually…

  • Jared Smith On Various Issues

    The Free Offer Of The Gospel

    The free offer of the gospel is not only a presumptuous act on the part of the preacher, it also contradicts the nature of the gospel, setting forth a false message to unregenerate sinners. While it is a good tool for proselyting, it is a disgraceful tactic for evangelism. There is a vast difference between preaching and offering. The scriptures make clear the gospel is to be freely preached, but there is not a single reference it is to be offered. Hyper Calvinists are often accused of preaching the gospel only to the elect. This is not true. Hyper Calvinists preach a full and free gospel to everyone. They do not, however, presumptuously offer the gospel to anyone. The gospel is God's to give (through…

  • Jared Smith On Various Issues

    “Passing Away”

    Fragments Of A Sermon Preached By Jared Smith To The Covenant Baptist Church Meeting In Manila, Philippines, On Sunday, 13 August 2023 The expression ('passing away') is customarily used with reference to one's death, but the scriptures employ it with a wide range of applications. 1. We are to 'pass away' from the path of the wicked (Prov 4:14,15) 2. Those who abuse us and despitefully use us will 'pass away' (Job 6:15) 3. Our days will 'pass away' (Ps 144:3,4; Job 9:25,26; Ps 90:10-12) 4. Each generation will 'pass away' (Ecc 1:4) 5. The wicked will 'pass away' (Ps 58:8) 6. Rich people and their luxury will 'pass away' (Js 1:9-11; 1 Tim 6:17-19) 7. Our welfare and prosperity will 'pass away' (Job 30:15)…

  • Jared Smith's Studies In Romans

    Study 9: Justification Explained, By Redeeming Grace (3:19-31)

    This recording picked up two audio sources resulting in an echo effect. Jared hopes the listener/watcher will forebear the unpleasant sound in view of benefitting from the teachings. This study begins a new section in Paul's letter to the Romans—How Are Sinners Secured Salvation By God? Paul divides his answer under four headings, unfolding the various roles assumed by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit under the terms and promises of the gracious covenant. He begins in (3:19-5:21) with the role of God the Son, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. This study examines Paul's explanation on the central message of the gracious covenant—justified freely by the Father's grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus (3:19-31). 

  • Jared Smith's Studies In Romans

    Study 8: Three Groups, Three Covenants, Three Laws

    This study explores the distinctions between three major groups, covenants and laws recorded by Paul in his letter to the Romans. The Non-Elect are under the authority of the Covenant of Works, subject to the heart law; the Elect are under the authority of the Covenant of Grace, subject to the gospel law; the Jewish people as a nation were under the authority of the Mosaic Covenant, subject to its law. Failure to distinguish between these groups, covenants and laws is the cause of much confusion among professing Christians. This is particularly true with reference to the issues surrounding Hyper-Calvinism. Arminians and Moderate-Calvinists mistakenly believe the whole matter revolves around an excessive view of divine sovereignty, when it actually turns on the hinges of the…

  • Hercules Collins,  Jared Smith On Various Issues

    A Specimen Of Hercules Collins’ Teachings

    The Reformed Baptists are under the impression they represent the teachings of the 17th century Particular Baptists (17th PB’s). They believe the 17th PB’s were Moderate-Calvinists. During the 18th century, there arose a new generation of preachers who deviated from their forefathers, running to the extremes of Hyper-Calvinism. These hyper teachings killed evangelism which in turn suffocated the churches. To the rescue came Andrew Fuller, who in the latter part of the century restored the Particular Baptists to their former glory. Evangelism was reintroduced and churches could breathe again.  As you might expect, the Hyper-Calvinists believe this to be a false narrative. However, you probably have seldom, if ever, heard their side of the story. I will present it from my perspective (as a Hyper-Calvinist).