Benjamin Keach

Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) was a Particular Baptist pastor and prolific writer. He was converted to Christ in his youth and in 1659 began to preach the gospel under the auspices of a free will Baptist church in Buckinghamshire. In 1664, he was arrested on charges of publishing a schismatical catechism for children. He was sentenced to two weeks’ imprisonment, fined twenty pounds and pilloried for several hours in Aylesbury and Winslow. In 1668, he moved to London and was appointed the Pastor at the Horsleydown congregation in Southwark. Having now come into contact with several Particular Baptist ministers, he began to nurture Calvinistic views of the gospel, becoming one of the leading Particular Baptist ministers in London. He served thirty-six years as the Pastor for the Horsleydown church, was one of the signers of the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith and was the author of more than forty books.

Benjamin Keach on the Everlasting Covenant (Complete)

  • Benjamin Keach on the Everlasting Covenant (Complete)

    Chapter 3 – Prioritizing The Covenant Of Grace

    Thirdly, I shall shew you how this Covenant is all the Hope, Desire, Salvation and Consolation of every True Believer in Life and Death. By what I have already said, all may perceive how, or which way, all their Salvation and Comfort lies in this Covenant, so that I need say but little to this. But to proceed. 1. 'Tis all our Hope, Desire, Salvation and Consolation; because this Covenant was the Contrivance of the Infinite Wisdom of God, the Top Glory of all his Transactions, for, and in the behalf of Man from all Eter∣nity: Nay, such manifold Wisdom, such depth of Wisdom shines forth in it, that the glorious Angels desir'd to pry into it, 1 Pet. 1.12. the Word signifies (as our…

  • Benjamin Keach on the Everlasting Covenant (Complete)

    Chapter 4 – Applying The Covenant Of Grace

    APPLICATION. First by way of Reprehension. First. This reproves those (and may serve to convince them of their horrid Blindness and Unbelief) that look on Sin as a trivial thing, a small matter; and so go on in a wicked and ungodly course of life, who add Drunkenness to Thirst; and yet say they shall have Peace: O Souls! do you not tremble to think of the evil of sin? When you hear nothing but the Blood of the Son of God can atone for it, nor satisfy God's offended Justice and injured Law, do you think God will spare you? pardon you while you live in your sins, and make Provision for the flesh to fulfil the Lusts thereof, did he not spare his…

  • Benjamin Keach on the Everlasting Covenant (Complete)

    Appendix – An Elegy

    An Elegy Upon the Death of That Reverend and Faithful Minister of the Gospel Mr. Henry Forty, Late Pastor of a Church of Christ at Abingdon, in the County of Berks, who departed this Life in the 67th. Year of his Age, and was Interred in Southwark, Jan. 27th. 1692/3. Mourn, mourn, O Sion! thou hast Forty lost, Wave upon wave, with Tempest thou art tost Our Sorrow's great, and worser things draw near, Sad Symptoms of most dismal Days appear: Christ's blest Ambassadors are call'd away, And few these things unto their hearts do lay. Many we lost before, for which we mourn, And shall we Forty lose without a Groan? Shall we not sigh for him who lately fell? Or not deem him…