J. B. Pandian

J. B. Pandian (1800’s) was a nineteenth century Strict and Particular Baptist preacher and humanitarian. A native of India, he was appointed the pastor of a Baptist church in Pursawalkam, Madras, a station of the Strict Baptist Mission. Although he was raised by a wealthy father, he invested a large portion of his time to the “upraising and emancipation of the shamefully down-trodden Pariahs—in no way interfering with, but rather aiding his zealous work as an ambassador of Christ for the salvation of men.” That he belonged to the gallant men and women often maligned as Hyper-Calvinists is evidenced by his association with the Strict Baptists. When bringing a report to one of the annual meetings of the Strict Baptist Mission, he confessed before the delegates, “As for my doctrines of faith, they are exactly those of the Strict Baptist Mission. I have searched, examined, and proved them to be the doctrines of the Bible. All these doctrines I intelligently believe, teach, and shall teach and advocate, God helping me.” Indeed, during the thirty-second Annual Meeting of the Mission, Mr. Gray delivered an address which denounced the pernicious doctrine of duty-faith, a leading feature belonging to the Hyper-Calvinists. Referring to the gospel ministry of Mr. Doll, who also represented the Mission in India, Mr. Gray commented, “He held the doctrines of saving grace firmly, and could not tolerate the preaching of duty-faith. The Lord's due is the measure of man's duty, and if saving, gracious faith be man's duty, we are saved by duty, by works; but all is of sovereign grace.”

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    The Life And Ministry Of J. B. Pandian

    The Personal Testimony Of Mr. Pandian’s Conversion To Christ And Call To The Gospel Ministry Conversion To Christ "I was born a Hindoo of the Maravar caste, in the year 1861, at Perurani, Tinnevelly District. I belong to the family of Maniashi, Zemindar (a petty prince). My father was a wealthy man, and as I was his only son, he employed a Brahmin teacher to instruct me, in the Hindoo religion. Many a time I accompanied my grandmother in her pilgrimages to sacred places, and on our journeys she used to tell me about the fearful and avenging gods and goddesses whom we were going to pay our vows to. Nothing but fear induced me to worship these gods, and I had no idea of…