James Poole

James Poole (1934-2019) was a Primitive Baptist preacher. He served as pastor for the Old School Baptist Church meeting at Snow Hill, Maryland, a position he held for nearly forty-five years. He also founded The Remnant magazine and was instrumental in the founding of the Welsh Tract Publications.

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    Conditional Time Salvation

    Is it a Bible doctrine? or Is it a recent heresy?  "Truth needs no apology, and error deserves none. Prefatory lies have often atoned for ignorance and ill-will in the Eastern and European worlds; but let the sons of America be free. It is more essential to learn how to believe, than to learn what to believe. "The doctrine and spirit of the following remarks are left for the reader to judge of for himself. Truth is in the least danger of being lost, when free examination is allowed." Elder John Leland  We humbly adopt the above sentiment of Leland as we approach this subject. The purpose of this article is singular. We seek to establish that Conditional Time Salvation is not revealed in the…

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    The Life And Ministry Of James Poole

    He was born June 1, 1934 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, the second child of five to his mother, Mary E Poole and father James W. Poole. His parents both preceded him in death, in addition, to his sister Barbara Follis (Dee) and brother John Poole. On October 20, 1956, Jim married the “Love of His Life,” Peggy Ann (Sims). They had three children—James, Linda, and Matthew. As a young person, James was draftsman at Lockheed Corporation. Additionally, he worked as a Department Manager at Sears Roebuck in Atlanta, Georgia and Salisbury, Maryland. He felt that he was called to the ministry, which led him to a pastoral position as Elder James F. Poole. He pastored an Old School Baptist Church in Snow Hill, Maryland for approximately…