John Jones

John Andrews Jones (1779-1868) was a High-Calvinist Particular Baptist preacher and author. He served as pastor for the churches meeting at (1) Stonehouse, Devonshire; (2) Beccles, Suffolk; (3) North Road, Brentford; (4) Brick Lane, Old Street. He is best known for authoring ‘Bunhill Memorials’.

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    The History Of Fullerism

    The question on whether it be the duty of unregenerate sinners to believe on Christ to the saving of their souls] has been irrefutably, because scripturally, answered again and again, by most able writers in their day and generation. I have a treatise on the subject, written 123 years ago (1738), by Mr. Wayman, of Kimbolton, in reply to a Mr. Morris, of Rowell; which sets the question at rest. But the Baptist churches (generally speaking) were sound in the faith until about the year 1776, when three young men scraped an acquaintance, and became very intimate. Their names were John Sutcliffe, aged 24; John Ryland, jun., aged 23; and Andrew Fuller, Aged 22. This trio met together for the first time on May 28,…

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    The Life And Ministry Of John Jones

    John Andrews Jones (1779–1868), baptist minister and author, born on 10 Oct. 1779 at Bristol, was the son of a manufacturing tobacconist. He was educated in Colston's Charity School, Bristol (3 Sept. 1789–31 Dec. 1794), and was apprenticed to a Bristol merchant, but from 1801 to 1813 was employed as a bookbinder at Guildford, Surrey. In early life he was, according to his own confession, ‘of the baneful deistical school,’ but was converted to baptist principles in 1807 by John Gill, pastor of the baptist church at St. Albans, Hertfordshire. He was baptised (3 July 1808) in the old meeting-house at Guildford, and six months later began to preach in the surrounding district, and to write for the ‘Gospel Magazine’ in May 1811. After preaching…