John M’Kenzie, Sermons

A Sermon Preached By John M’Kenzie At Zoar Chapel, Great Alie St, London, On Thursday Evening, September 4th, 1845

“And he said, Draw not nigh hither; put of thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”—Exodus 3:5

Everything in this fallen world is corrupted, depraved, and ungodlike; and the child of God cannot be in it without suffering from its pollution and defilement. But spiritual and supernatural things have an intrinsic value, beauty, and glory in all their parts and bearings; and when they are made known feelingly and powerfully to the heart by the Holy Ghost, every branch of them becomes solemn and sacred to the soul. But, in different states of feeling, and in different stages of experience, various branches of truth have different effects upon the mind. At one time, the doctrines of grace are sweet, glorious, and full of consolation to our spirits; at other times, when greatly tried and exercised, it is more suitable and adapted to our feelings to have the experience of the saints portrayed as in God’s Word set forth and unfolded to view; then, there are other times when the promises lay hold of our heart, move and enlarge our soul, draw up our affections to God, and kindle a spirit of faith and trust in him. But there are other times, when the work of God the Holy Ghost becomes exceedingly dear and sweet to our minds: to see how he has engaged to…

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