Mary Wild

Mary Wild (?-1868) was a Strict and Particular Baptist believer. She and her parents came under the gospel ministry of J. C. Philpot, whose admiration and love for the family prompted him to write a lengthy memorandum of their lives and testimonies, published in three succeeding issues of the Gospel Standard 1869.

  • Mary Wild

    The Life And Testimony Of Mary Wild

    Mary Wild was the only daughter (though there were many sons) of godly parents, both of whom I well knew, not only as being attached hearers of mine during the time of my residence in Wilts, but from personal intercourse, especially with her mother in my subsequent visits, as her father was taken out of this world of sin and sorrow as far back as 1837. The Experience Of Mary Wild’s Parents As no memorial has ever appeared of them, though better worthy of it than many, I shall from some memoranda which have lately been put into my hands written by the deceased, as well as from my personal recollections, give a little account of this godly couple, as a kind of introduction to…