Veritas (Pseudonym)

Veritas is a pseudonym sometimes used by anonymous authors. Peter Meney writes, “Sir Richard Hill is said to have written anonymously under the name Veritas. He was a friend of Toplady and defended Toplady against Wesley when the latter defamed him following Toplady's death. As 'Veritas' means 'Truth' I suspect it has been a frequent pseudonym.” Henceforth, works attributed to this pseudonym means the author is unknown.

  • Veritas (Pseudonym)

    The Watchman’s Warning To The Churches

    Christian Reader,—It is not the intention of “Veritas” to write much himself; but rather to employ the nervous pens of some of those great and sterling Divines, who in their day and generation maintained, unequivocally, the all-important truths and doctrines of the everlasting gospel; who found life, comfort, and consolation, in the firm belief thereof in their own souls while here below, and now find the truth of it in Heaven. They were men of gigantic minds, of close thinking, of deep research, and who were endued with holy ardour for the glory of God; and, like their Master, were “clad with zeal as a cloak:” Isaiah 59:17. Their days were spent in close study in the sacred word; their pens were worn out in…