Jared Smith's Sermons

Three Branches Of True Religion (2)

Some of the points covered in this sermon:
• The clothing of Adam and Eve before they transgressed God’s law
• The meaning of a transgressor’s eyes being “opened”
• The object lesson of the fig leaves sewn together and aprons made
• The folly of good works religion
• The deceptiveness of free will religion
• The exploitation of Christianized activities
• The type of animals God killed and what they represent
• The reason why these animals had to be killed, with blood shedding, and what it represents
• The “covering” of Adam and Eve in the coats of skins, and what it represents
• The meaning of redemption and justification, and how they are connected to true religion (the gospel)
• The significance of God “making” coats of skins, and what it represents
• The importance of Adam and Eve each clothed with a separate coat of skin, and what it represents