Jared Smith's Sermons

Election And Reprobation (3)

This sermon is the continuation of the previous study which sought to affirm the doctrine of election. The following points are addressed:

• The person who taught the Apostle Paul about the analogy of the potter and the clay
• The Covenant of Grace is identified by the analogy of vessels
• Justification and redemption are founded upon the doctrine of election
• Israel as a nation (under the Mosaic Covenant) is an object lesson of God’s elect people under the Covenant of Grace
• Election is according to the good pleasure of God the Father’s will, to the praise of the glory of His grace
• Election includes the believer’s sanctification (growth in grace)
• Election guarantees regeneration, without which no sinner can see or enter into the kingdom of God
• Election is inseparably linked with redemption and regeneration, which is the gospel of salvation
• Election is from eternity, based on the promise between the three Persons of the Godhead, concerning all they would do under the terms of the Covenant of Grace
• The believer is exhorted to make his/her calling and election sure
• Individual believers are given the name, God’s elect
• Election is the cause of every person who savingly believes on Christ, and is therefore the foundation for all true evangelism