Jared Smith's Sermons

Three Branches Of True Religion (3)

Some of the points covered in this sermon:
• Whether verse 22 should be interpreted as God making a statement of fact, and addressing a concern, or, God speaking with a sense of sarcasm, pointing out the folly of sin
• Whether verse 23 should be interpreted as a follow up of verse 22, or a follow up of verses 16-19
• Whether verse 24 should viewed as an act of God’s judgment, prohibiting sinners from the way of the tree of life, or an act of God’s grace, opening up the way of the tree of life to sinners
• How the Ark and Mercy Seat of Exodus 25:10-22 is related to the flaming sword of Genesis 3:24
• What the “garden of Eden” represents
• What the “tree of life” represents
• What the “flaming sword turning every way” represents
• What the “keeping of the way” represents
• What the “cherubim” signify